K-Mail Volume 2, Number 10
June 2, 2003

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This week we traveled to Fairfax, Virginia for the inaugural
NCAA Eastern Regional Track and Field Championships
held at George Mason University!

Our trip started with a flight to our nation's beautiful capital.

Got my number, and I'm ready to throw!

Right before we left, we got some great news about more honors for our team! 
Coach Judge has been nominated for an Assistant Coach of the Year award, too!

Tom Jones

University of Florida women’s track and field head coach
Tom Jones and thrower Candice Scott have been recognized as South District Mondo Coach and Athlete of the Year, the United States Track Coaches Association announced recently.

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Candice Scott

What are the Regionals, anyway?

This year, the NCAA instituted  a change in the qualification procedure that effectively increased the participation in the NCAA Championship system by 40%! This gives more schools and individuals a chance to compete in the NCAA Championships. Success (a top 5 finish for individuals, or a top 3 finish for relays) in one of the four regional championships will move athletes and their teams to Sacramento and the National Championship!

It was a great time to see old friends like John Dye of Dyestat.com , Paul Turner (Harvard) and great competitors like Laura Gerraughty, cute guys :) and lots of fans.

The Number of Division 1 institutions offering track (men's/women's) by region are as follows?

East (110/112)
Mideast (78/81)
Midwest (39/39)
West (40/42)

Seems a little lopsided?  Well, it's the 1st year!

WE WON!!!!... AGAIN!




Led by an quick 22 points in the shot put, followed by 25 points in the hammer, and 13 more points in the discus, the Florida Gators were on their way to a 1st  place finish in the NCAA Regional Championships!

Woo! Hoo! :)  The men's team won, too!  It was a great meet for the Gators!

The Gators (105) outpaced South Carolina (77) and North Carolina (72.5) to capture the inaugural  NCAA Eastern Regional Championship!

As an interesting side note: 4 Florida Universities scored in the top 10 in the NCAA Eastern Championship! ... Florida(1),
Miami (4), Florida State (6) and South Florida (9)!

SHOT  (22 Points!) DISCUS (13 Points!) HAMMER (25 Points!)
2----Karen Freberg       54-07.5
3----Kim Barrett            54-02.5
4----Candice Scott        54-00.5
7----Merilyn Brown       51-00.75 PR
8----Erin Gilreath          50-08.25
11--Dore' DeBartolo     49-09
18--Scarlett Ekeroma   45-10.5
1--Rachel Longfors  180-11 (new PR)
6--Dore' DeBartolo   167-08
1---Candice Scott        214-04
2---Jukina Dickerson   208-07
3---Erin Gilreath          202-09
8---Kim Barrett            189-04
12--Dore'  DeBartolo   178-03
15--Merilyn Brown      176-06

Championships aren't won without the support of many Gators working hard behind the scenes. We want  to recognize our super Athletic Director Jeremy Foley and Associate AD Keith Carodine!  When we needed those little extras to do our best, they were there for us.

Dr. Keith Carodine
Associate Athletic Director
University of Florida
We would like to especially thank  our
Athletic Director
Jeremy Foley
Dr. Keith Carodine
for their support in
helping us reach our goals!


Athletic Director

Jeremy Foley

Now, it's time to see who's moving on the the NCAA National Championship!

Gator NCAA Automatic Qualifiers*

shot put: Karen Freberg, Kim Barrett, Candice Scott 
discus: Rachel Longfors
hammer throw: Candice Scott , Jukina Dickerson , Erin Gilreath 
high jump: Krystle Moss
long jump: Cameal Rhule 
100m hurdles: Andrea Bliss:
400m dash: Novlene Williams
4x100m relay:
Amber Robinson, Yolanda Thompson, Cameal Rhule, Niki Benjamin

4x400m relay
: Amber Robinson, Niki Benjamin, Andrea Bliss, Novlene Williams

*more Gators (like Dore' and Kristina) are likely to be added when the 'wild card' slots are filled.  Six to eight people in each event will be added to the Regional Qualifiers based on the descending order lists.

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