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K-Mail Volume 2, Number 7
May 5, 2003

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This issue covers the Florida Women's Track & Field Classic, held here in Gainesville at our own Percy Beard Stadium on Sunday, May 4th.  We finished our final exams this week, and we're warming up for the SECs, Regionals, NCAAs (in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA!), and USATF Nationals (also in CALIFORNIA!)

We were joined this week by women's teams from Central Florida, Florida A&M, Florida International, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Jacksonville.  The Lady Gators totally dominated the meet, taking 1st place with 275 points.  Florida State came in second with 124 points.

Photo courtesy of Gatorzone

Beautiful Percy Beard Track

CALIFORNIA ... Here I Come!  It will be great to
compete in front of my family and my home
crowd again.

See you after all the national meets at Gator Camp...
then it's back home again!
Hey Scott & Jordan... it's gonna be a hard working
summer! :) 

News Flash!  This week, Candice Scott was named the Mondo NCAA Division I Athlete of the Week by the NCAA Division I coaches group of the United States Track Coaches Association.  This is the second time this outdoor season that Candice has received this honor!  Candice was honored for extending her NCAA record in the hammer to 223-10.  Congratulations, Candice!

Scarlett, Kim and Candice get ready for the Hammer. Candice had
another big day (over 220
), Kim threw big in the discus to make NCAA Regional Qualifications in the discus and Scarlett qualified in the Hammer!

Scarlett didn't travel with us to Penn :( so she missed being in the
last K-Mail so look for more of her in this one!

You can probably tell from this picture that the weather is starting to get
pretty warm here in Gainesville!  Like about 90 degrees!  Where's the shade?

Congratulations! Goooo Gators!

The throwers had a terrific meet!  We took 7 out of 8 places in the shot, 5 out of 7 places in the discus, ALL scoring places in the hammer, and 6 out of 7 places in the javelin!  Out of the Lady Gators' total of 275 points, the throwers produced 115, or more than 40%. 

Well.... this was my 7th meet this year over 54'.... I think I would win the "Miss Consistency Award" if there was such a thing!

Several Lady Gators notched new PRs and regional qualifiers today.  Here are our results:

1  Karen Freberg     54-04.75
2  Erin Gilreath        52-07.50
3  Kim Barrett          50-09.25
4  Dore' DeBartolo   50-08.00
6  Merilyn Brown     48-09.00
7  Jukina Dickerson 46-07.25
8  Scarlett Ekeroma 43-06.00
1  Rachel Longfors   174-08
3  Dore' DeBartolo    165-08
4  Kim Barrett           154-00
5  Karen Freberg      147-10
7  Jukina Dickerson  135-04
 1  Candice Scott       220-03
 2  Jukina Dickerson  207-10
 3  Erin Gilreath         200-01
 4  Dore' DeBartolo    190-07
 5  Kim Barrett           188-10
 6  Merilyn Brown      179-06
 7  Rachel Longfors   176-10
 8  Karen Freberg
**   171-04
 9  Scarlett Ekeroma  167-11
10 Sara Cooper          135-03
         ** only 2 turns
 1  Dore' DeBartolo   126-00
 4  Cameal Rhule       79-02
 5  Erin Gilreath          74-04
 6  Rachel Longfors    68-01

GATOR Family News update from Iraq! 

Several of the Lady Gators (Quanda, Jukina, Scarlett and ME:) )have family members serving our country in the Middle East right now.  We're really proud of them!

We finally heard from my big sister, Kristin (West Point '01), who is a heavy equipment platoon leader in the Army's 130th Engineer Brigade.  The last time we heard anything from her was when she was in Kuwait before the shooting started, right around Indoor NCAAs.  One of Kristin's machines is called an MCAP--it's a big armored bulldozer that scoops up mines. Her group was tasked with breaking through the Iraq defenses for the Advancing Coalition forces! 

Kristin says you bounce around a lot when mines go off under you in the MCAP, but you're really quite safe (but this is from a person who thinks rappelling out of helicopters head first is very cool)!   Now she's north of Baghdad rebuilding an airport.  You can read a report from her "embed" hereShe's promised to send some pictures from Iraq....stay tuned!

Here's my sis
Kristin loading her
 equipment in Seattle.


Here's Kristin's
MCAP--it scoops up mines.  It would
 be interesting to drive this along University.....
This makes a good K-Mail "interesting
vehicle" of the week!

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