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K-Mail Volume 2, Number 9
May 19, 2003

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WE  ♪♫
are the ♪♫ ♫Champions!
Rain couldn't stop the great Lady Gators!

Left: Celebrating Gators get Coach Jones!
Nice legs, coach! 

Photo: UTSports.com


......let's ruuuumble!

The SEC Championship Meet was set at the beautiful University of Tennessee.  They were great hosts of the event! The meet ran for 4 days and it gave me the opportunity to do something every day.

The Lady Gators celebrate their victory!

The Tennessee Track at Night

Shot Put! ( 34 points! )...big badda boom!

Hey... a new school record and a bunch of points is worth waiting until Sunday for! I got the school record and Candice was back in top form! I am proud of my traveling roommate Dore' who had an awesome weekend and Scarlett and Jukina who set the tone for all of us with their PRs in the 1st flight!

Hammer! ( 33 points! )

The hammer was our first throwing event (Friday) and the team earned an awesome 33 big points! Candice set a new SEC record (217-10) to take 1st place, followed by Jukina with a 209-4 for 2nd.  Kim set another new PR (191-5).

Discus! (18 points!)

Team Longfors and DeBartolo bested an impressive field to go 1-2 in the discus competition. Rachel and Dore' helped provide the second day spark that got the Florida Juggernaut rolling!  Some 'experts' were picking Florida for a total of 10 points in this event... but when 18 rolled in.. it left many breathless!

photo: UTSports.com
When I showed my dad this picture all he could say was,"Hmmmmm!" He was track captain on the UCLA team that was second to Tennessee in 1974!

Here we are at the beautiful University of Tennessee!
Doesn't look it but we had plenty of

 The University of Tennessee did a
wonderful job in presenting photos,
movies and timely results of
SEC 'action'
via the web! We have placed a few of their
pictures in this newsletter!

Thanks! -- Karen:)

even the rain was neat!
(hey, I'm from California--we don't get much out there)

School Records & SEC Records! ..... It's all here and it's all goooood!

SHOT-- 34 points! DISCUS-- 18 points HAMMER-- 33 points JAVELIN
1 Karen Freberg   55-09.75
2 Candice Scott    54-11.5
3 Dore' DeBartolo 52-00.5          
4 Erin Gilreath      51-07.75
5 Kim Barrett        51-01
6 India Odum       50-04.5
7 Aymara Albury  50-04.5

8 Merilyn Brown   49-11

other Florida:

 9 Scarlett Ekeroma   49-04.5      
11Jukina Dickerson   48-06.75

1 Rachel Longfors  180-09
2 Dore' DeBartolo   169-08
Photo: UTSports.com

other Florida:  

15 Kim Barrett          143-04
16 Jukina Dickerson 143-04        
20 Karen Freberg     134-10
1 Candice Scott      217-10
2 Jukina Dickerson 209-04       
3 Erin Gilreath        209-03      
4 Kim Barrett          191-05
5 Beth Mallory (Bama) 189-11        
6 Dore' DeBartolo   187-02 
7 Mallory McDonald (LSU)182-10   
8 Merilyn Brown     181-00 

other Florida:
11 Rachel Longfors  172-07
16 Scarlett Ekeroma 164-04   
19 Karen Freberg      161-00

12 Dore' DeBartolo  118-06

To be recognized as ALL SEC, an athlete must finish in the top two places in the conference meet!

2003 "ALL SEC" Gators 1st or 2nd Team!



Candice Scott -- 1st Team Hammer

As our national record holder, it was a forgone conclusion that Candice was
a cinch to claim the title again!

Candice made setting the SEC meet record look easy!

Rachel Longfors -- 1st Team Discus

Rachel came through when is counted as part of the 2 Gator discus team producing
18 big SEC points!
Karen Freberg -- 1st Team Shot Put

Karen popped a school record
55-9.75 to eclipse Kristen Heaston's school record and just narrowly missed the SEC record!


Jukina Dickerson -- 2nd Team Hammer

As they say. 'an inch is as good as a mile'... it took 1 inch to make Jukina ALL SEC.

Dore' DeBartolo -- 2nd Team Discus

Dore' has clearly been the
IRONWOMAN of the Gators,
 throwing all events!

17 BIG SEC POINTS for Dore'!
Candice Scott -- 2nd Team Shot Put

Candice wowed the crowd by throwing a seasonal PR and serving notice that she is the real deal!

18 BIG SEC POINTS for Candice!

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