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K-Mail Volume 2, Number 4
April 14, 2003

(Happy Birthday, Daddy!)

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This issue of K-Mail covers the Lady Gators enjoying the desert scene out West.  We competed at the Mesa Classic, held at Mesa Community College on April 11, and at the Sun Angel Classic, held at Arizona State University on April 12.  We had lots of new seasonal bests, PRs, and regional qualifiers.

Coach Judge and the throwers celebrate a weekend of great performances!


I had a chance to catch up with an old friend,
Lai Lai Crawford of the USC Trojans....we
really push each other in the ring! 

Getting there is half the fun!  We left Gainesville at 5am (!!) on Thursday morning, and arrived in Tempe AZ at 10am Arizona time.

We're used to warm weather in Gainesville, but we really enjoyed competing at the great facility at
Mesa Community College.
A really GREAT Place to THROW!

Kurt Russell stayed in our hotel!!!!!
.....okay, so I'm a fan!

This was one of the few meets the
Lady Gators have in the West, so my family drove the ten hours from San Luis Obispo to see me compete :)

For this week's
K-Mail food picture, we have......
(drum roll) 
Dore' wanted my recipe! Soooo...,

Click Here on "recipe."

Did I eat any?  I'll never tell!
Here's an Update on our 18 Regional Qualifying Marks! :


Shot  (13.90) Discus  (45.72) Hammer  (51.30) Javelin  (41.48)
 Erin Gilreath
Karen Freberg
 Kim Barrett
Dore' DeBartolo
 Merilyn Brown
 Candice Scott
 Scarlett Ekeroma
 Rachel Longfors
 Karen Freberg
 Dore' DeBartolo
 Candice Scott
 Erin Gilreath
 Kim Barrett
 Merilyn Brown
 Dore' DeBartolo
 Rachel Longfors
Jukina Dickerson
 Karen Freberg
Dore' is really, really close!
Qualified in 3 events! Qualified in 2 events! Qualified in 1 event!  

Okay...on to the competition.....

Page 2:  The Shot Put        Page 3:    The Discus        Page 4:    The Hammer        Page 5:    More Pictures
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