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K-Mail Volume 2, Number 5
April 20, 2003

(Happy Easter!)

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This issue of K-Mail will be a little shorter than usual, as most of us were training in Florida for next week's Penn Relays. However, two Gators, accompanied by Coach Judge, competed at Mt. Sac Relays and the Pomona-Pitzer Invitational in California. The Mt. Sac Relays is considered the premier opener to the outdoor season, attracting great American and international collegians and professionals.

One of the things that will always amaze me about Florida is how beautiful it is! The warm beaches... palm trees swaying in the breeze...the sun... it is all so fantastic!

My mother's publisher in Boston said it was 28 degrees there the other day! Yikes!

Even the bugs seem charming! (there's a big one in the bottom of the screen!)

Here's how our 2 Gators did:

 MEETS:    Hammer    Shot
 Invitational (held on Friday)
 #1 Candice Scott 65.62/ 215-03  #3 Candice Scott 15.63/ 51-03.5
 #3 Erin Gilreath 60.84/ 199-07  #6 Erin Gilreath 14.94/ 49-00.25
 Mt. SAC Relays (held on Saturday)  #4 Candice Scott 67.36/ 221-00  #9 Candice Scott 15.93 52-03.25
 #14 Erin Gilreath 59.73/ 195-11   DNC


The track at Pomona-Pitzer is blue
Now all we need is some orange!


The Mt. Sac Motto (on the base of the torch) is "Where the World's Best Athletes Compete."  Adam Nelson, shown here at last year's competition, epitomizes the quality
of the field at this great meet.



Candice's 221 was really close to her NCAA record--way to go, Candice!  She was the top collegian in the invitational hammer event, placing right behind hammer pros Anna Norgren-Mahon, Dawn Ellerbe and Florence Ezeh.  Her 52-03.25 in the shot is a seasonal best.

Meanwhile, back at home, we were working out hard.  Really, Coach, we were!

Merilyn is discovering how comfortable Scarlett can be! Ha! Quanda and Scarlett are getting ready to throw!

We had a great workout!


Kim strikes a pose!

She's giving a 'flex' for one of our fans who asked for it! (no kidding--by email!)

She's showing off her Nike Sunglasses for getting an NCAA regional qualification in the hammer and the shot!

Come on Kim... you can qualify in the discus, too!!

This is an SEC watch I was given.

I am not sure if it was for being ALL-SEC ( top two places) or for going to the SEC... But it is really nice. My picture doesn't do it justice, it's very coooool!


Here's Your OFFICIAL
K-Mail Food Photo!

Once I kept a package untouched for 4 years on a bet! When I won... then I ate 'em! They were still gooooood!
They're all GOOD!

(The Peeps bus is my mom's contribution to the
 "interesting" car contest!)

Next Up for the Lady Gators:  We'll all travel to the Penn Relays on April 23rd.  Click here for the complete schedule!

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