K-Mail Volume 2, Number 11
June 8, 2003

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Well, it really isn't summer time yet, but with only two more meets I know that many of you are thinking ahead! So, I decided to put up my 'Summer Edition' K-Mail header, as we all prepare for the great days of summer! ... but first we GATORS have a lot of work to do!

Before we preview the NCAAs for you, here are some more great honors and awards for Florida T&F!

NEW!! U.S.T.C.A.'s Men's &
Women's "Coach of the Year!"


EAST - Mike Holloway (Florida)

MIDEAST - John McDonnell (Arkansas)

MIDWEST - Phil Lundin (Minnesota)

WEST - Art Venegas (UCLA)


EAST - Tom Jones (Florida)

MIDEAST - Pat Henry (LSU)

MIDWEST - Gary Pepin (Nebraska)

WEST - Jeannette Bolden (UCLA)

Did you notice that of the 8 regional coaches of the year, 4 were from the SEC Conference? Tom Jones (Florida), Mike Holloway (Florida), John McDonnell (Arkansas) and Pat Henry (LSU) have certainly brought pride to their institutions and the SEC!

Just IN! Coach Judge was selected as "Assistant Coach of the Year" by the USTCA.
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     2003 NCAA Preview .... Throwing Caution to the Wind!

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♫ California, Here We Come!  ♪♫

Before hitting that beach, we have the NCAA's in Sacramento and the USATF Sr. Nationals in Palo Alto to work toward! So let me highlight how things stack up in that little meet in California's capital!

There's a lot of tough competition ahead for those who want to earn the 'All American' recognition! Getting into that elite top 8 isn't as easy as it once was... and making it as an outdoor 'All American' can be a real challenge!

The descending order lists below says that the Gators could win a total of 23 points in the throws! Well... we'll see if we can beat those odds! :)  By the way, 'IRONWOMAN' Dore' DeBartolo is competing in three events... shot ,discus and hammer!  I'm pretty sure she's the only one to do that in the throws this year.

Karen:) , Candice, Kim, Dore' & Erin

 Gator Shot Putters!

2002 CHAMPION: Jessica Cosby, UCLA sophomore -  Last year, she did what she does so often, throw the big unexpected throw to win the 2002 outdoors at 57' 1/4."

Today is full of new challenges.  Not only does Jessica have her hands full with out-of-state competitors, but look at some of the 'old California friends' she gets to face again!

Jill Camarena -- California State Champ in 1999
Stephanie Brown --
California State Champion in 1998 & 1996
Karen:) --
California State Champion in 2001 & 2000 (Jessica was runner-up in 2000)

There are plenty of other girls who could have the 'hot hand' at any time, and I am not counting out my teammates ... tough, competitive and always ready to rumble!

                      Event 37  Women Shot Put         ** Qual: 13.90 **
RANK ATHLETE                 YR SCHOOL                    SEED MARK RG  DATE
==== ======================= == ======================= ==

  1        Laura Gerraughty         SO North Carolin       18.82m   E 05-10 AQ
  2        Becky Breisch               SO Nebraska              17.70m  MW 05-03 AQ
  3        Stephanie Brown          SR Cal Poly-SLO        17.30m   W 5-30  AQ
  4        Jillian Camarena           JR Stanford                 17.03m   W 04-18 AQ

  5      Karen Freberg         FR Florida             17.01m   E 05-18 AQ
  6        Jessica Cosby               SO UCLA                     16.96m   W 05-17 AQ
  7        Rebekah Green             SR Kansas St.            16.90m  MW 05-03 AQ

  8      Candice Scott          SO Florida             16.74m   E 05-18 AQ
  9      Kim Barrett              SO Florida             16.66m   E 04-12 AQ
 10       L'Orangerie Crawford JR USC                        16.62m   W 3-22  AQ
 11       April Phillips                  SR Michigan               16.43m  ME 04-26 AQ
 12       Chandra Brewer          SO S. Florida               16.38m   E 05-03 AQ
 13       Janae Strickland          JR Missouri                16.37m  ME 05-03 AQ
 14       Eliese Mitchell               SR Virginia                 16.16m   E 04-19
 15       Leann Boerema            SR Nebraska             16.10m  MW 04-05 AQ

 16     Erin Gilreath            SR Florida             16.04m   E 05-04

 17       Kelli Burton                    FR Utah State            16.00m   W 04-26
 18       Briona Reynolds          SO UCLA                     15.96m   W 04-05 AQ
 19       Melissa Bickett              JR Michigan              15.95m  ME 05-17 AQ
 20       Adrienne Moss              SR Miami                    15.88m   E 04-12
21     Dore' DeBartolo       SR Florida             15.86m   E 05-18
 22       Aubrey Martin                FR W. Illinois              15.85m  ME 05-03
 23       Ja'Nai O'Connor           JR Penn St.                 15.85m   E 04-12
 24       Amarachi Ukabam        FR Ohio State            15.71m  ME 5-30  AQ
 25       Tawanna Williams        JR LA Tech                 15.65m  ME 5-30  AQ
 26       Abby Ruston                 FR Texas A&M            15.64m  MW 5-30  AQ
 27       Keela Niemeyer            JR Colorado St.          15.29m  MW 05-30 AQ

Who will win? Who will become All-Americans? With 5 Gators in this event... we'll be working hard!

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