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K-Mail Volume 2, Number 8
May 11, 2003

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55-06.25  BIG SHOT!!!
.....it's about time!

This week's K-Mail brings you news of the throwers' trip to the Florida State Twilight meet, held at Florida State University on Saturday, May 10th.  This was our last warmup heading into the SEC championships next week.  We boarded our charter buses at 7am (!!) for the trip to Tallahassee....I was worried about throwing the hammer at 11am, then just hanging around with the fire ants under the stands until the shot at 5pm.....but................it was okay!!!!!!  Well, more than okay!!!!!!!!


Fire ants are not my friends.....


I am only 1.25" away from Kristen Heaston's
FLORIDA record! Isn't that the way it always is for me? (In h.s., I was 1/4" from the High School National record.)

Oh well! As Daddy always says, "Don't Complain. 
Throw farther!"

After 7 meets this year above 54' but below 55', it finally happened! In fact nearly all of my throws were at my previous best or better!

Mom was very sweet...She said,"this is the nicest Mother's Day present you could give me!" Wow... the pressure is really on because Father's Day is just
around the corner! Yikes!

(photo by Prettysporty.com)


Jukina is one tough competitor, and when she
prepares to win she gets by herself. It obviously
worked with a BIG WIN and a 215-05 PR in the
Goooo Kina!


Although we're big rivals, I have to admit
the Florida State University t&f people
were great hosts, and it was a beautiful
place to compete! 
Thanks, guys!:)
1  Karen Freberg     55-06.25
2  Kim Barrett          52-01.25
3  Dore' DeBartolo   51-07   
4  Erin Gilreath        51-05.75
5  Candice Scott      50-06.75  
6  Merilyn Brown     48-08.25   
7  Jukina Dickerson 45-06.5
8  Scarlett Ekeroma 45-00.5
1  Dore' DeBartolo   176-01
3  Rachel Longfors  166-09
5  Kim Barrett          152-03
6  Karen Freberg     150-10  
7  Jukina Dickerson 137-05
 1  Jukina Dickerson   215-05
 2  Candice Scott        212-07
 3  Erin Gilreath          209-08
 4  Kim Barrett            191-00
 5  Dore' DeBartolo     183-02
 6  Merilyn Brown       182-04
 7  Rachel Longfors    175-03
 8  Karen Freberg       167-08
 9  Scarlett Ekeroma   160-09
 3  Dore' DeBartolo   119-01


K-MAIL FOOD!!!  Yep... it was very yummy! :)
Fish, corn on the cob, chops, veggies and
mashed potatoes!

Dore' looks really happy after launching her
Discus PR since her freshman year in
college! A BIG WIN at
176-01! Congratulations! :)

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