K-Mail Volume 1, Number 6
February 10, 2003

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Throwin' in the Rain at the Gator Invitational!

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This edition of K-Mail covers the results of the Gator Invitational, held here at home in Gainesville on Sunday, Feb 9

I don't have any pictures of the weight throw--sorry!  But my camera doesn't like rain, and it was REALLY raining.  Some of the girls, including me, decided not to throw.  Coach Judge thought I was too much of a beginner to compete in the rain, and that I might fall.  On top of my elbow (I tweaked it a bit in the weight at UNC last week), the rain made my throwing seem like not such a great idea. 

In spite of the rain, though, our Lady Gators did great!  The five girls who decided to compete swept the top five spots! Dore', Rachel, and Jyn (redshirting--competing unattached) even got their best throws so far this year.  We were hoping to have a good competition with the LSU girls...they came, but didn't throw.  The SEC is going to be an awesome meet!

1 Dickerson, Jukina Florida 20.55m 67-05.25
2 Gilreath, Erin Florida 20.20m 66-03.25
3 Brown, Merilyn Florida 18.93m  62-01.25
4 DeBartolo, Dore' Florida 18.81m 61-08.50
5 Longfors, Rachel Florida 18.67m  61-03.00
6 Seymour, Beth Georgia 17.33m 56-10.25
7 Tessarzik, Janine Tennessee 17.22m 56-06.00
8 Wynn, Jenn    Unattached 16.53m   54-02.75
9 Groves, Mamee South Carolina 16.32m 53-06.50
10 Odum, India South Carolina 16.07m  52-08.75

 Seventeen girls threw the shot, and Florida took the following places:
1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12.  It was fun to see fellow Californian Katie McKeever,
who transferred from Oregon to LSU.  We competed with each other all the time
in high school.

Here is the view walking from my dorm to the meet....rain, rain, and more rain!

Gator Invitational indoor shot competition
Here's what the shot competition looked like
in O'Connell Center.  That's me to the right of
the performance board psyching up.

 Here are the shot results:

1 Freberg, Karen Florida 16.28m 53-05.00
2 Kendrick, Nicole South Carolina 16.23m  53-03.00
3 Barrett, Kimberli Florida  15.69m 51-05.75
4 Young, Cerenity  Florida State 15.48m 50-09.50
5 DeBartolo, Dore' Florida 15.40m 50-06.25
6 Penrose, Jennifer Miami 15.31m 50-02.75
7 Cotten, LaQuanda Florida 15.00m   49-02.50
8 Brown, Merilyn Florida 14.70m 48-02.75
9 Dickerson, Jukina Florida 14.55m 47-09.00
10 Ekeroma, Scarlett Florida 14.41m  47-03.50
11 Odum, India South Carolina  14.23m 46-08.25
12 Gilreath, Erin Florida 14.18m 46-06.25
13 Groover, Keri South Carolina 14.16m 46-05.50
14 McKeever, Katie Lsu   13.98m 45-10.50
15 Kinney, Amanda Florida State 13.71m   44-11.75
16 Batten, Makiba Florida Stat 13.47m  44-02.50
17 Wood, Heather Georgia 13.46m 44-02.00

So far this year, I've thrown three 53's and one 54, with 2 firsts and 2 seconds. 
I guess consistency is not a bad thing, but my goal is to be "inconsistent" now
in an upwards direction!

Karen Freberg throwing the shot.
Here I am getting ready to throw.  My
teammates think I look scary when I throw!

Here's Dore' preparing to throw.

Candice and I took out a little frustration about the weather (Candice) and the marks (me) in the Gator
Weightroom.  For more pics of our Lady Gator Thrower weight workouts, click here.

Squats have always been my
favorite lift.  Strength coach Matt makes sure we don't get hurt.

Candice is psyching up for
her next lift.  She's a really good role
model for the rest of us.

Click here for the Gatorzone press release about the Gator Invitational.

Click here for the complete women's boxscore for the meet.

Thank you for supporting the Lady Gator Throwers and me!

Best wishes,

Next Up!

The Lady Gators will be in action at the Tyson Invitational in Fayetteville, AK on February 15th! 

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