K-Mail Volume 1, Number 7
February 16, 2003

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Florida 'Invades' the Razorback-Tyson Invitational

This edition of K-Mail covers the results of the Tyson Invitational, held at the Randal Tyson Track Center at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville on February 14-15th.  Since the University of Arkansas hosts the NCAA Indoor Championships, this was a good chance for the Lady Gators to get used to the facility.

Coach Judge and the Throwers
with the "Razorback" (Yep, those are my schoolbooks in my back pack!)

The Randal Tyson Track Center--We'll be back here for the Indoor NCAAs in March.... at least 5 of us, probably more!

The weight throw took place at noon on February 14th.  I didn't compete in the weight this week, so I was resting in our hotel.  Coach Judge had his camera, though!

The Lady Gators line up to throw the weight. Aren't we an 'impressive group'? It's fun to enter a competition with this kind of support!

After we throw... we line up for 'high fives!'


Once again, the Lady Gators dominated the weight.  Congratulations  to Quanda for her new PRErin, Jukina, and Quanda added another NCAA auto mark to their lists, and Kim, Merilyn, and Dore' added a provisional (Kim's already got her auto from another meet, though)Jukina had some excitement today--on one of her big throws, the weight broke!  Fortunately, she wasn't hurt.  Here are the results:

1 Erin Gilreath Florida 20.59m 67-6.75 NCAA AUTO!
2 Jukina Dickerson Florida 19.99m 65-7.00 NCAA AUTO!
3 LaQuanda Cotten Florida 19.88m 65-2.75 NCAA AUTO!
4 Kim Barrett Florida 19.71m 64-8.00 NCAA PROV
5 Ariel Brooks Barton CC 19.41m 63-8.25
6 Merilyn Brown Florida 18.73m 61-5.50   NCAA PROV
7 Dore' DeBartolo Florida 18.56m 60-10.75 NCAA PROV
8 Danee Jones MO Southern 17.96m 58-11.25
9 Gennessa Guzman Kentucky 17.56m 57-7.50
10 Nikki Allyn Kentucky 17.55m 57-7.00
11 Brandy Blackwood Barton CC 17.42m 57-2.00
12 Rachel Longfors Florida 17.32m 56-10.00
13 Scarlett Ekeroma Florida 17.30m 56-9.25

' ALL-AMERICAN ' Candice Scott  looks awesome during warmups.


The Lady Gators took 7 out of the top 10 places in the shot.  I think I'm going to hear that word "consistent" again this week!  I did like winning this meet, though, after taking 2nd place last year behind Jamine Moton.  Congratulations to Merilyn for her PR!

1 Karen Freberg Florida 16.44m 53-11.25 NCAA AUTO!
2 Asheley Dorsey Unattached 16.40m 53-9.75
3 Dore' DeBartolo Florida 15.55m 51-0.25    NCAA PROV
4 Jennifer Penrose Miami 15.23m 49-11.75
5 Kim Barrett Florida 15.10m 49-6.50
6 Adrienne Moss Miami 14.88m 48-10.00
7 LaQuanda Cotten Florida 14.65m 48-00.75
8 Merilyn Brown Florida 14.42m 47-3.75
9 Scarlett Ekeroma Florida 14.31m 46-11.50
10 Erin Gilreath Florida 14.14m 46-4.75

Quanda prepares to throw
in the shot.


There were lots of familiar faces at this meet.  Asheley and I competed against each other a lot last year (this is the first time I ever beat her--she's a great competitor).  Gennessa and I ran into each other all the time in California high school meets.  I was expecting to see more of my former teammates from SMU, but the only thrower competing was Ruta.  She has switched to the spin this year, and had some sector problems and fouled out.

All I've heard about since coming to Florida is the "cajun ribeyes" from the Marketplace Grill in Fayetteville.  Well, here is the famous steak!  And, yeah, it tasted as good as it looks, too.  Everybody ordered this.  Twice.

Waiting around in airports is a fact of life these days.  Candice passes the time by braiding Dore's hair.  Coach Judge is competitive in everything, including his videogames. :)

We have lots and lots of pictures from this meet, and we want to make sure your browser can
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click here for PAGE 2... more Tyson pics!

Click here for the Gatorzone press release about the Tyson Invitational.

Thank you for supporting the Lady Gator Throwers and me!

Best wishes,
Karen :)

Next Up!

The Lady Gator Throwers will be in action at the Hoosier Hills meet at Indiana University in
Bloomington, Indiana on February 22nd! 

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