Hey, You’ve Got K-Mail! K-Mail Volume 1, Number 9
March 2, 2003

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SEC Weight Throw Poster!

This edition of Kmail covers the SEC Conference Championships, held here in
Gainesville on February 28, March 1, and March 2. 
The Florida Lady Gators took 3rd place with 105 points in 17 events (60 points from the 2 throwing events)!

Here is O'Connell Center, home
of the Florida Gators!

The SEC Championship is HUGE! 
There was press everywhere! Here I am getting interviewed after the shot!
" Yeah, there's no 'I' in team..."

We're ready to do some serious throwing!
Here's the 60 points!

Day One was the Pentathlon, and on Day 2, we threw the shot!  It was nice for me to have the shot before the weight for a change.  Our fans were terrific!  We got a lot of support, and it really helped us do our best. Woo hoo... we even got some support from the male throwers from the other teams!

Here are the results of the shot:

1 Karen Freberg Florida 16.62m 54-6.50
  My Series: 16.40m  16.62m  16.42m  FOUL FOUL 16.60m  (All legal throws
 were NCAA auto qualifiers)
2 Nicole Kendrick South Carolina 16.28m 53-5.00
3 Kim Barrett Florida 16.25m 53-3.75
4 Dore' DeBartolo Florida 15.86m 52-0.50
5 LaQuanda Cotten Florida 15.70m 51-6.25
6 India Odum South Carolina 15.48m 50-9.5
7 Aymara Albury Alabama 15.47m 50-9.25
8 Katie McKeever LSU 15.15m 49-8.50
9 Erin Gilreath Florida 15.15m 49-8.50
10 Merilyn Brown Florida 14.71m 48-3.25
11 Natalie Kinion Alabama 14.53m 47-8.00
12 Scarlett Ekeroma Florida 14.29m 46-10.75
13 Heather Wood Georgia 14.19m 46-6.75
14 Beth Mallory Alabama 13.86m 45-5.75
15 Janine Tessarzik Tennessee 13.25m 43-5.75
16 Monet Rice LSU 13.24m 43-5.25
17 Jukina Dickerson Florida 13.06m 42-10.25
18 Amanda Harvey Mississippi 11.77m 38-7.50
-- Ronda Gullate Auburn FOUL  
-- Keri Groover South Carolina FOUL  

Kim and Dore' both got PRs today.  Bummer that Erin got moved down a place just on
second best marks!  Here's a little weird gossip....The South Carolina throws coach
didn't come to the meet because of a family emergency, so LSU throws coach
starts really coaching Nicole Kendrick (SC).  I guess he really wanted us to lose!  Oh well....
nothing stops the Lady Gator Throwers!

At the end of Day 2, the Lady Gators are tied in 3rd place, with 25 points (all from the shot!) 
Here is the Gatorzone article and the Gainesville Sun article on Day 2!

What would we do without John's massages? 
Oops, that's one of the big secrets to
our team's success! 

Thanks, John! You the Man!

Dore' gets into the spirit of competition!

After the competition, we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Women's Center...okay, so we're unwinding a little!
We did have a kinda big day!

The traditional Kmail dinner photo...

On to Page 2 for the Weight Throw!

Thank you for supporting the Lady Gator Throwers and me!

Best wishes,

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Next Up!

The Lady Gator Throwers will be in action at the NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS March 13-16 in Fayetteville, AK.

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