K-Mail Volume 1, Number 8
February 23, 2003

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"Hoosier" Daddy?!? (who is your daddy?)

This edition of K-Mail covers the results of the Hoosier Hills Open, held at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana on February 22nd.  This was my first visit to Indiana, and I have just one question...what the heck is a "Hoosier," anyway? In honor of Coach Judge's home state, here are some links to help you figure this out.....

Dave Barry's Definition....Mr. Barry assures his readers that "Hoosier" does NOT mean "has sex with caribou."

The Indiana University Alumni Association tackles the big question.  Hey, if these guys don't know the answer, who does?

Here we are with a friend
at the
Gainesville Airport.

Snow tastes funny!
at least it's low in calories!

Getting there is half the fun...

Our trip got off to an interesting start....Coach Judge was told that we would be flying from Jacksonville to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Indianapolis.  Just one problem....when we got to the ticket counter in Jacksonville, they told us our flight was supposed to leave from Gainesville!  Fortunately, our Gainesville flight was delayed by weather, so we actually made it back on time.  The fun didn't stop there!  When we got to Atlanta on our delayed flight, we had 10 whole minutes to get to our gate for the Indianapolis flight, and the gate was moved, and Atlanta is a HUGE airport, and a few of us almost got smooshed in the train doors, and....well, let me put it this way, we got an additional conditioning workout that Coach Judge hadn't planned on!  Whew! run! run!  RUN!

We're not used to this white stuff! 
It's pretty...if you don't have to go out.

We Finally Made It!  Here we are at Gladstein
at Indiana University

The Lady Gators took the top 6 places in the Weight Throw.  I actually took 5th!  Wow, with my teammates throwing so well, I'm really proud of that.  It was a PR for me, too--59'9".  Maybe if my weight doesn't hit the cage next time, it will go even farther!  Here are the results for the weight:

1 Erin Gilreath Florida 20.54m 67-4.5       NCAA AUTO!
2 Jukina Dickerson Florida 20.20m 66-3.25     NCAA AUTO!
3 Kim Barrett Florida 20.16m 66-1.5       NCAA AUTO!
4 Merilyn Brown Florida 18.88m 61-11.25   NCAA PROV    
5 Karen Freberg Florida 18.21m 59-9                                       PR
6 Dore' DeBartolo Florida 18.08m 59-3.75
7 Beth Hilton Indiana State 17.89m 58-8.25
8 Rachel Longfors Florida 17.68m 58-00
9 Kelley McKinney Indiana 17.45m 57-3
10 Scarlett Ekeroma Florida 17.08m 56-00

We had about ten minutes between the end of the weight until warmups in the shot, but the Lady Gators came through again!  Three of us got PRs--Kim, Merilyn, and me.  It was a good warmup for the SEC meet next week, where we really need those points in the shot.  My mark moves me up to #2 on the Florida all-time list behind Kristen Heaston.  Her record is just a couple of inches away....talk about motivation for next week!

1 Karen Freberg Florida 16.73m 54-10.75   NCAA AUTO!   PR
2 Kim Barrett Florida 16.02m 52-6.75     NCAA PROV    PR
3 Ade Oshinowo Unattached 15.69m 51-8.25
4 Jennifer Brown Unattached 15.50m 50-10
5 Erin Gilreath Florida 15.45m 50-8.25     NCAA PROV
6 Dore' DeBartolo Florida 15.22m 49-11        NCAA PROV
7 Andrea Dalla Rosa Indiana 14.78m 48-5.75
8 Merilyn Brown Florida 14.76m 48-5                                        PR
9 Jukina Dickerson Florida 14.30m 46-11
10 Scarlett Ekeroma Florida 14.12m 46-3.75


Coach Judge's Mom came to cheer us on.

It just wouldn't be a real Kmail without a picture  of our dinner....this time, it's prime rib at the  "Colorado Steak House."

Hmmm, this philosophy sounds kinda
familiar somehow...

We're hungry!  FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

Click here to go to Page 2!  We have lots more pictures of the team!
Click here to go to Page 3!  We had a lot of support from families and friends for this meet!

Click here for the Gatorzone press release about the Hoosier Hills Open.

Thank you for supporting the Lady Gator Throwers and me!

Best wishes,

Next Up!

The Lady Gator Throwers will be in action at the SEC Championships at home in Gainesville on March 1-2!

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