I enjoy cooking and preparing food for my friends! :) My folks felt that besides doing all the normal feminine hobbies like shot putting, discus and hammer throwing, they felt it was important that we learn some of the more masculine activities, like cooking! Ha!

By "Special Request' I will be posting a few of my favorite recipes:


Chicken Tetrazinni!
let me introduce an old friend as she was intended!

Beef Stroganoff
more like the original... and less like what you think it is!


  Hoender Pastei

South African Chicken Pot Pie


Smothered Fish and Delicious!


 El Cid Paella!
Food to Die for!

  South African "Bobotie"

A lamb Casserole that is wonderful!


  Thanksgiving "TURDUCKEN"

an old Southern recipe...
 must be tried!

Karen's Mudbars! A chocoholics dream!

You only think you KNOW Chocolate....
this is a truly wonderful experience!

my family's favorite!


 My Favorite Christmas Cookie in
the entire world!....
Mushroom Cookies

(no they are no made from Mushrooms!)


  My sister Kristin's Yummy
Hawaiian Island Cookies!